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On-line Qualified Person (QP) training

November 20, 2013

Dominic Parry

On-line Qualified Person (QP) training has arrived to rave reviews.

Are you thinking of becoming a Qualified Person (QP)?  Are you wishing to broaden your pharmaceutical experience and education?  Do you not have the time to be away from home and the office?

The courses have been designed for busy QP candidates who want to fit short 15 to 30 minute chapters of learning into a hectic work schedule and cannot afford three, four or five days out of the office.  Former delegates have also wanted to avoid “cramming” a vast amount of knowledge into a small window of time, preferring to spread their learning over a longer period, depending on their personal and business circumstances.

See this introductory video on our QP Quality Management Systems Programme:

There has been a great response to our new range of on-line QP courses.  Comments have included:

“This has been the best QP course I have attended so far – the others were over a few days and it is harder to concentrate for long periods when covering such large chunks of information”

“This course allowed me to explore on my own and work at my pace”

“Well structured. Liked the course”

“The quizzes were good – as it made the recent learning embed well”

“The detail was good too – not too much – and not too little either”

Key features of our courses include:

  • Training against the requirements of the UK QP Study Guide.
  • We are one of the few listed providers of QP training in the UK.
  • Training suitable for any “Quality Professional” in a quality role.
  • Experienced tutors with a great deal of experience used
  • Access to the course materials for a 6 month period once you start.
  • Course notes (delegate pack) available to print and keep.
  • Do the course when you like – no need to attend on specific days.
  • Convenience – access anytime at home or at work.  All you need is internet access.
  • Access the materials via your computer, iPad, iPhone or tablet.
  • Assessments throughout the course to check understanding.
  • Optional tutor marked assessments included during the course.
  • Tutors contactable via phone or email (UK office hours).
  • The course fee is the price you pay – no hidden or extra costs of travel, accommodation and meals.
  • Why not give us a try? Others have and were really impressed.

We currently have 2 on-line QP course; Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutics and Quality Management Systems.  A third (Pharmaceutical Microbiology) will be available later this year.

Who will the courses benefit?

These course are aimed at any trainee Qualified Person (QP) as they meet the UK QP Study Guide requirements.  The courses are also of value as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for existing QPs.

The Quality Management Systems course is especially important to those who need an update on more recent thinking with regards to Quality Management Systems.  In addition this course is also of value to any Quality Professional, especially those working in Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement roles, as the course provides an eye-opening view of modern quality management thinking.

To find out more or to make a booking visit our website.

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